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Claire Hsu

Claire is a determined, responsible, and passionate women regarding crisis in society such as hygiene for women and climate change. Additionally, Claire is a year-round athlete who is very passionate with sports and participates in cross country, basketball and track. She is both the captain of her school's cross country team and jv girls basketball team. Furthermore, Claire has founded her own recycling program run by students within her school to recycle paper after school. She participates in the Asian Pacific Islander club at school and was recently appointed as Secretary of the club. In her spare time, Claire enjoys reading and volunteering at local places within her community. She has volunteered at Sacred Heart Community Service, the Tech Interactive, and countless libraries to count. In light of the Covid 19 crisis, Claire took the opportunity to improve her graphic designing skills, exercise more, and study more at home. In the future, Claire envisions herself as someone who takes part in solving global crises through organizing projects and envisions herself as an Environmental Engineer who discovers a way to convert Carbon Dioxide to harmless atoms.

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