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Vibha Shivarajan

Vibha is a senior at Issaquah High school.  Getting to work on Hygiene for Her with Rachel and Varsha has been the most amazing experience for her. Seeing so many young women/teens come together for this important cause has made Hygiene for Her such a special project to be a part of. She has a passion for photography and debate and partakes in clubs such as DECA. She enjoys volunteering and loves helping out wherever she can. Vibha has had experience working with several other nonprofit organizations and small businesses and is passionate and ready to work towards improving our community for the better.  

Can't: Spell "definitely" without autocorrect
Wants: To travel the world
Special Secret: Has a Ph.D in nothing, and doesn't speak French, Italian, or German. 
Varsha Bharath

Varsha Bharath is currently a senior at Issaquah high school in Seattle, WA. Some of her hobbies are reading, watching Netflix and hanging out with friends. The necessity of volunteering is very important to her which is why she has volunteered in many places from teaching science, to farmers markets. At school, Varsha is a member of DECA and Model UN. 

Some of her priorities in life are education, and livelihood. She believes in a world run on peace and serenity, but understands the workload it will take to get there. In the future Varsha wishes to specialize in Bioengineering, while still providing human aid for her community. 

Loves: Oat Milk, Red Velvet Cupcakes, Megan Fox, and the perfect shade of Purple
Hates: Cilantro
Feels strongly about: The oxford comma
Rachel Chalissery 

     Rachel is a senior at Issaquah High School. She believes in the importance of social service and hopes to inspire change in her community. She’s a member of several clubs at school, including DECA, Model UN, and HOSA. Her hobbies include baking, dance, and reading.

She believes in the importance of community, and works towards helping people in need, while bringing her big smile, positivity, and crazy good baking skills along the way. 

Has Never: Made her bed
Loves: Chocolate and bunnies (not together)
Can: Actually cook REALLY well (far beyond Varsha and Vibha's substantial Maggi making abilities)
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