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Ria Patil

Ria is currently a freshman attending IHS. Her hobbies include dancing, hanging out with friends, and sleeping. She participates in clubs such as DECA and enjoys competition. She teaches a dance class and has volunteered with numerous organizations in order to help the community and spread positivity.

Trisha Venkatesan

Trisha Venkatesan is a sophomore in high school. She loves to do art, singing and dance.

Rishika Arun

Rishika Arun is a freshman attending Skyline High school. She is a passionate and hardworking leader, who loves helping the community. Some of her hobbies are Dance and DECA.

Victoria Poitras

Victoria is a sophomore. She is involved in DECA and the Issaquah robotics society.

Diya Garg

Diya Garg is a freshman at Newport high school. Her hobbies consist of art and dancing.

Camillie Hofdahl

Camillie Hofdahl is a freshman at Issaquah High School. She enjoys baking, doing art, and watching coming-of-age movies.

Khanak Agrawal

Khanak is 15 years old and I goes to Lake Washington High School in Kirkland, WA. She is empathetic, kind, and hard working.

Lauren Kosich

Lauren Kosich is a freshman at Issaquah High School. She is a very passionate and kind leader interested in volunteering. She loves helping people out, cant wait to start work with this organization.

Anusha Dani

Anusha Dani is 15 years old freshman. She participates in several clubs such as mock trial, DECA, and public speaking roles. She also loves poetry.

Anika Yechuri

Anika Yechuri is a 11th grader at skyline high school. She is an avid dancer and singer, and is hardworking and kind. She regularly participate in many fundraisers and volunteering opportunities to help those in need.

Neha Muramalla

Neha Muramalla is a 8th grader who goes to PCMS. She is about to head to IHS for high school. She is very hardworking and passionate, and ready to take a lead. She loves art, dance, and math, and helping others.

Suditi Basak

Suditi Basak’s hobbies are in baking, cooking and doing taekwondo. She has been an instructor at her taekwondo school for the past 3 years. She also enjoys volunteering at a retirement home on the weekends.

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