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For most of us, tampons and pads are just another item on the grocery list, and we overlook their necessity until the horrifying moment when we realize we don't have one. Luckily we can run out to the nearest convenience store and get some in no time. Currently, the average sales tax rate for a box of 36 tampons (which is enough for 9 days) is around 6.25% added to the roughly $7 a box. There are over 5,000 homeless women in the greater Seattle area alone, with the numbers rising rapidly. These women have no choice about their periods but are forced to choose whether they can buy tampons or lunch. Even though this doesn't affect half the population, we need to consider feminine sanitary products as basic amenities, like toilet paper and soap. And we all use that right? Join the cause today. Help homeless women stay clean the same way you are.

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