making sure she doesn't have to decide between lunch or a pad



Hygiene for Her originated while eating Hot Cheetos and watching Netflix. An offhand remark sparked an interest in the three of us to make a difference in our community. Even with absolutely no experience, we decided to start an organization that would help women when they're on their period. Although periods aren't the best conversation starters, the injustice women face is something that cannot be ignored. We knew that enacting a new law or starting a twitter rampage was a little bit above our heads, so we turned to an ever-familiar resource: the internet. As teenagers living in the era of TikTok, Snapchat and iPhone 11's, we decided that a website was the best way for people to help. Although monetary donations are welcome you can help in many different ways. Sign a petition, support a group or sign up for newsletter. Anything helps. End period poverty today.

Just make sure she has lunch and a pad.


Like hundreds of other organizations in the world, the ultimate goal is to make feminine hygiene products such as pads and tampons free of cost and/ or easily accessible to every woman from all walks of life. As a facet of life that unites all women, periods are are essential to life and should be treated with the proper tools that allows women to live cleanly and with dignity. Unlike a blanket or sweater that embodies comfort, feminine hygiene products are necessities and should be considered as a basic amenity. In theory, this sounds wonderful. But we understand that this issue is well beyond our heads. This doesn't mean that we give up, instead we make it easier.